Ghost Particle

Inspired by Alex Galloway and Mark Tribe’s Starry Night*, Ghost Particle is an alt interface that means alternative ways to visualize and access archives and texts. These Ghost Particles resemble stars generated from Google Calendar: from 05/22/2012 to 03/24/2023 to explore, wander, and search.

Let’s recognize the similarities and differences between an organizational structure like the grid and the image of the sky; the grid is perceived as neutral, but the image is an allusion. Therefore when a user approaches this work, they can’t help but bring their associations with the sky to the types of content they access. Furthermore, these stairs also change their status upon closer inspection with scale shifts, making them animated and cartoon-like. They ultimately reveal information that has yet another status as an image and requires another type of reading from the viewer. This elucidates a variety of diverse differences in readership and the fundamental infrastructure by which we access information.

* “StarryNight.” Mark Tribe Studio, https://www.marktribestudio.com/starrynight/.



HTML, JavaScript

Dimensions variable