What is Research?

A Historical Study on Formative Conditions of Korean Modern Graphic Design – focusing on the earlier 20th century

This Manifesto is Silent.

A Study on the Integrated Design of Hangeul Seoul

A Study on the Origin and Representation of Typography in Contemporary Art – focusing on the Barbara Kruger’s Works


The Design, The Tomorrow

Spoon Book

Hyundai Card Gapado Project

Hyundai Card Busan Building Artwork

ALBUS Gallery

Korea National Maritime Museum

Updated July 2021


Since 2013, I have worked within many aspects of the design world: fonts, typography, books, posters, installations, and artwork. Additionally, I was exposed to a wide range of materials and technologies – from flat to spatial, from form to context through my diverse experiences at a typography institute, design studio, architecture firm, as well as through my own self–initiated projects. Throughout my experiences, I have intimately felt the issues of our time, including environmental, economic, and political challenges. Given this, I have nurtured a deep interest in addressing and responding to issues what people care about through the work that I create.

My work today focuses on identifying and capturing the various potential of visual language around the intersection of culture, industry, and art. My personal practice in graphic design aims to amplify oppressed voices and reveal overlooked phenomena in our society. The inspiration behind my work is derived from various aspects of the art world that have supplemented my pursuits in graphic design.


Yale School of Art; New Haven, CT
M.F.A. Candidate, Graphic Design

Hongik University; Seoul, Korea
M.F.A., Graphic Design
B.A., Art Studies
B.F.A., Visual Communication Design


  • Hongik University; Seoul, Korea 
  • Physical Workshop, Special Lecturer, Jun. 2020
  • Lecture on Graphic Design Research Methodology, Special Lecturer, Jun. 2019
  • Class of Typography for Undergraduates, Part–time Lecturer, Fall 2018 (Awarded for Excellence in Teaching)
  • Class of Typography for Undergraduates, Teaching Assistant, Spring; Fall 2015


  • Contactless, Korean Society of Typography Exhibition, 2020
  • Typojanchi 2019: The 6th International Typography Biennale, 2019100 Film 100 Poster, The 20st Jeonju International Film Festival, 2019
  • Unlimited Edition (Seoul Art Book Fair), 2015–2019Hongik Art Exhibition (HIAX), 2014–2016
  • Intersection Korean Society of Typography Exhibition, 2015Visual Commmunication Design Graduate Exhibition, Hongik University, 2014

Featured in

  • The Journey of Arita, Magazine Design Vol. 510: Korea Design Annual 2020, page 40–41, 2020
  • To Make a Voice, Graphic #46 Studio Dictionary, page 119–120, 2020
  • Sofa, scraps of cloth in the main floor… An old house of Woon Kyung in harmony with contemporary, Joongang Sunday No. 634, page 18, May 2019


  • What is Research?, Bard Graduate Center/PLANE AND VERTICAL, 2021
  • Foreign Views Stimulating Inner Capacity: Inter–locality Against Globality, LetterSeed 11: Multilingual Typography, page 100–150, 2015

Planning (Project, Exhibition, Publication)

  • Reading and Speaking Designers, Jul. 2020
  • POP–UP Project, Aug. 2017