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What is Research?

A Historical Study on Formative Conditions of Korean Modern Graphic Design – focusing on the earlier 20th century

This Manifesto is Silent.

A Study on the Integrated Design of Hangeul Seoul

A Study on the Origin and Representation of Typography in Contemporary Art – focusing on the Barbara Kruger’s Works


The Design, The Tomorrow

Spoon Book

Hyundai Card Gapado Project

Hyundai Card Busan Building Artwork

ALBUS Gallery

Korea National Maritime Museum

Updated July 2021


Onomatopoeic Construction

Poster, Sculpted Graphic, 2015
Mixed media, 700 × 515 mm each
Self–initiated Project

Onomatopoeic Construction is an ongoing project exploring materials and sound. Exploring the hand–crafted methodology and computer based processes, the results have been constructed through intricate processes.
This is the first in the Onomatopoeic construction series. The fabric was filled with cotton which created an archetype of the onomatopoeic word Pang – the sudden burst of balloons. In the following print, soft ingredients were cut and stacked in order to create an A which symbolizes archetype.