Yuseon Park

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What is Research?

A Historical Study on Formative Conditions of Korean Modern Graphic Design – focusing on the earlier 20th century

This Manifesto is Silent.

A Study on the Integrated Design of Hangeul Seoul

A Study on the Origin and Representation of Typography in Contemporary Art – focusing on the Barbara Kruger’s Works


The Design, The Tomorrow

Spoon Book

Hyundai Card Gapado Project

Hyundai Card Busan Building Artwork

ALBUS Gallery

Korea National Maritime Museum

Updated July 2021


Ephemeral Manifesto
Installation, 2020
Self–initiated project

Even when we are unconscious of its production, the Manifesto is constantly being created, repeated, and preserved. Ephemeral Manifesto on the light alludes to the need for malleability when one approaches a manifesto, such as the need for a critical approach by the reader with their unique perspectives and experiences on hand. Used a Manifesto First Things First 2020 edition.