Exhibition (Installation)

This work is generated from newspaper articles that have been emailed to my Yale account every day since 2021. Information, statements, and quotes from subscribed news are translated into the words laid out in the same typeface on a small screen. Words are taken out of context and disconnected from their function. None of that content has more weight than the rest—we absorb it indiscriminately as though scrolling through our social media feeds. All that surrounds me finds its way back into a language in a democratic manner.

I granted further credence to the apparent arbitrariness of my selection. This screen works like a social-media algorithm, mining our data and producing the content we want to see microcosms of a glitching machine processing data culled from the internet. Myriad topics are spoken equally, revealing subtle synchronisms. Information, statements, and quotes from daily emails are translated into the words laid out in the same typeface. When taken out of context, languages merge into a screen equally, revealing subtle synchronisms.



LCD Display, Acrylic on pillow

5 inch, 28 × 20 × 6 inches

A Prologue to Somewhere
Green Hall Gallery, Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT
Sep 19 – Oct 5 2022